Live stream FAQ

You’ll find the FAQ in Swedish at:

If you don’t find your issue in the section below, or if the proposed solution doesn’t work, please send an e-mail to:

I only get the ”No signal input” or ”Waiting for video”-message

This is due to that our servers don’t receive any signal from the event that is broadcasted!

I've lost my accesscode

If you paid for your code with creditcard or internetbank, please contact us at the same address (, attach if possible, reference number, transaction number, ip-address and purchase date and other information that can be of help when searching for the transaction. The reference number for the internetbank is a digit code that normally starts by 8202 (or similar series) and is followed by additional six digits.

You will find the number by logging on to your internetbank and search in your account statement. You will eventually need to click at the transaction to be able to receive the number.

If you paid your code via Payex-account, the code will be stated in the transaction history for your Payex-account. Login at and click on the transaction, then you’ll see your code at the receipt.

I hear a sound, but don't see any picture at all (or a green picture)

The error probably depends on one or both of the following:

1. You don’t have Windows Media Player 9, 10, 11 or a player with codec for Windows Media 9 installed
Windows Media 9 is available for Win 98 or later versions and for Mac OS X. Windows Media Player 10 is available for Windows XP and newer Windows versions.
Download the latest version of Windows Media Player at this site:

2. Your internet transfer isn’t fast enough
When Windows Media Player can’t receive data in correct transfer speed, it’s is automatically switching to only play sound and not showing any picture. Eventually more bandwidth is needed, dependent on the quality of the streamed material.

If available, test by changing to a lower quality, by clicking the properties-tab under the video-window. If this doesn’t help and you have a fast internet connection, usually the error then depends on a router, a wi-fi or an anti-virus program that can’t handle the data traffic in the high and faultless transfer speed that is needed. Test to bypass your router or deactivate your anti-virus program/firewall program a short while to verify if any of these, can be the reason to the problem. Wireless networks aren’t recommended to be used when streaming.

SportsGround recommends a speed of at least 1 Mbit/s for the streaming to work optimal. During certain circumstances, it might be that your internet provider is having capacity issues in their network.

For the problems with green picture or green up-and-down picture most depends on the following:

1. A bug in certain versions of Windows Media Player (v 10)
Control that you’re having the latest available version installed on your computer. There is also a patch that corrects the problem. Click on the below link for more information:

2. You are experience problems with the drivers to your graphics card
Right click on the video player and choose “Alternative…” and the Performance-tab. Test to decrease the video acceleration to “None”.

I have picture but no sound

1. Check that eventual speakers are enabled and that the sound is activated. The easiest way to test this is by playing a CD or a music file (mp3, way etc) on the computer.
2. Test if you have sound on the following  video:
3. If you still don’t have sound it is probably then because you are missing a so called codec for the sound. Download and install the following file:

Error code that the accesscode isn’t paid

When receiving an active access code the transaction must be carried through the whole way. Access codes that is showed before they are paid, isn’t activated before SportsGround get a confirmation from Payex that the purchase is completed. In some cases it may occur that the purchase is followed through but the confirmation from Payex is delayed.

If this is the case, SportsGround are sorry for this, and will do everything to help you correct this as fast and smooth as possible. But to be able to do this, they need your help. Please send a mail to and attach one or more of the following information from the purchase; reference number, transaction ID, access code and IP-address, then we will try to trace the payment and activate the code for you.

The player just says “Ready”

The error often depends on that you’re not able to contact the streaming server after your code has been verified and approved. The error can depend on different reasons. First, control that you are able to see the test-film at the support site at Sportsground,

Test to change your settings in the media player: Open the media player from the start menu in Windows and choose “Tools >
 Alternatives > Player”. Mark the checkbox “Connect to Internet”. Control that “Work offline” is marked under “File”.

The most common error is usually that you’re having a private firewall that is blocking. The best way of testing this is to turn off the firewall for a short while and try again. You can read more about how to tune your firewall to be able to stream at:

The same goes for some of the antivirus programs (amongst them Panda Antivirus, Norman and Norton), that are blocking the streaming. To be able to test if this is the problem, turn of your antivirus program temporarily. You can also right click on the video window and the at “Error report”, and contact SportsGround and ask them to look further at the problem.

The picture is freezing

This is a capacity related problem. 

1. Control that connection settings in your player are correct set by right clicking on the video window and in “Performance” customize the settings to what best mirrors your bandwidth.
2. Test if possible to a lower quality. Click in that case on “Settings” in the video window. 
3. A broadband router and/or wireless networks can be a reason for hacking sound and/or picture. Connect a cable directly to your broadband modem or socket and avoid using the wireless network.
4. If you have many browser-windows opened at the same time as the video player, the Flash ads that often are showed in web pages, can be the reason that your computer doesn’t manage to present the stream at the same time correctly. Flash can sometime occupy a lot of performance in the computer.
Close all opened windows except for the video player, and test again.
5. If more than one is sharing the same internet connection, this can be the reason that the bandwidth isn’t enough to be able to see the streaming. For the best qualities of the streaming we are recommending a bandwidth of at least 1 Mbit/s. In certain cases you can change quality of the streaming by click on settings under video window.
6. The problem can also be that your internet provider has temporary capacity problems in their net.

COOD11BE: You can’t play the file

Windows Media Player can’t play the file since there is no protocol provided for datastreams the player can use. Activate at least one protocol and then try again.

You are marking a protocol for datastreams like this:
1. Open Windows Media Player separately by starting it from the start menu. 
2. Click on Alternative on the Tools-menu and then click on the Network-tab.
Mark the checkboxes beside one or several protocol, by Protocol for Datastreams.

The error might also depend on broken data files for Windows Media Player. To restore do like this: 
1. Make sure Windows Media Player isn’t running. Close down all other programs to be on the safe side.
2. Open Explorer and make sure that hidden files and maps are shown by doing like this: 
In the menu, open Tools and choose Map-alternative. Choose the tab “Showing”.
In the Advanced setting-checkbox, mark the setting “Show hidden files and maps”. Press OK.
3. Navigate to your windows-unit (most common C:) in Explorer and navigate to: Documents and Settings/[your userid]/Local settings/Application Data/Micorsoft/Windows Media. Change [your userid] to the username you are using with the current logon at the computer. When you have navigate to the correct map, you should rename the map stored in this map i.e. if there is a map in it called  9.0 you should rename it to something else e.g. 9.0_old. If the maps name is 10.0 or something else, you do the same thing i.e. 10.0_old.
4. Restart the computer.

When the computer has been restarted, test if the streaming works now.
What the change does is that it removes the old setting for Windows Media Player. By a not known reason, the properties files can sometimes get corrupt.

If the above is not working, you can try to change the web browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer, test to download Firefox, and wise versa, if you’re using Firefox, text to start the webpage in Explorer.
The latest version of Firefox can be downloaded at

I’m only getting a grey picture with a red stop sign

The error means that the film, video or the material you are trying to reach isn’t at available at the server. It can also mean that your computer can’t access the streaming server or that a temporarily error has occurred. Control your firewall and see to that you can look at the support site at Sportsground,

You can also get this error message if someone else is using your access code at the same time as you are using it. The access code can only be used at one unit at a time. Don’t share your access code to others if you want to avoid this situation.

How do you run Windows Media Player with ActiveX in Firefox/Opera/Netscape

Today these web browsers don’t support ActiveX for Windows Media from start without installing a plugin.

More information about how to install the plugin is available on the following sites: 

Can you run the streaming in Mac OS X?

To be able to watch the streaming in Mac OS X you’ll need to download the Flip4Mac program from the following site:

Don’t forget to restart your web browser after the installation has finished, otherwise it won’t work!

Can you run the streaming in Linux?

With correct software you can run the streaming in Linux or other similar Unix-based operative systems. To be able to do this you need to have a web browser plugin that can handle Windows Media. Then you need to install a codec-package to be able to decode Windows Media 9. Several different software are available that is supporting this e.g. Mplayer. Eventually VLC or Xine will work as well.

Can I share my access code with a friend

An access code can only be used at one computer/unit at a time. So, for example, posting your code in a forum or chat for other to use is no good idea. You can have a code that you’re using on two or more units – as long as you are not using it at the same time on all units. If you try to connect on two computers at the same time, the last connection will make the first connection to disconnect.

The streaming is working but closes down after a short while
  • This problem can occur due to several reasons. The most probable are:
    Your antivirus program is not working as expected. Some antivirus programs can continuous listen at for example HTTP-traffic that goes in and out through your computer. Some program can sometimes incorrectly turn off the streaming media. This problem goes for example Nod32 Antivirus. Test to turn off your antivirus program or inactivate the function that controls HTTP-data. In Nod32 this function is called IMON.
  • Some firewalls can like the antivirus program stop the streaming. This can be due to different rules set in the firewall. Test to inactivate the firewall or to contact the one that is responsible for the firewall.
  • There might be a problem with your internet connection. Control that no other programs or persons are using a lot of bandwidth on your internet connection. If you are using ADSL-/cable modem and for example a router/firewall, test to restart those by powering them off.
  • Problem with the net capacity or problem with a server. Your internet provider might have problems with their net capacity, or they might have some problems with a fussing server.
  • A fussing Proxy-server. If you or your internet provider is using a proxy-server for caching webb content, it might be that this cache can’t handle the streaming. Test to inactivate the using of a Proxy-server by changing the settings in your media player.