Important information for competitors:

All training and veterinary check for all countries will take place on the 3rd of October!

There will be three classes each day.

Thursday, 4th of October: Team jumping classes
Friday, 5th of October: Team agility classes
Saturday, 6th of October: Individual jumping classes
Sunday, 7th of October: Individual agility classes


Entry for the Agility World Championship 2018 in Kristianstad

Entry for the Agility World Championship 2018 in Kristianstad, Sweden, is open.
Entry for the AWC 2018 closes at 15 th of August.
Entry fee is 90 Euro per participant to be paid by the last date of entry. Bank details will be available
on the website

Team leaders
Please mail the following information to
● Country
● Team leader’s name (1 person)
● Team leader’s e-mail
You will then receive the entry forms which should be returned to

Individual competition
Up to 9 dogs can be entered to the individual event, maximum 6 in one size category (Small,
Medium, Large).
Team competition
One team per category (Small, Medium, Large) may be entered, each consisting of 4 dogs.
Individual AWC winners 2017
The individual winners of 2017 (same dog and handler) can be added to the number of dogs allowed
for their countries.
Reserve dogs
A reserve dog must be entered to the AWC in advance. Each team may enter one (1) reserve dog per
category (small/medium/large).
Deadline for replacing an injured dog with a reserve dog is
● individual event: before the course walk for the first class in the whole AWC
● team event: before the course walk for the first round of the team event in that size category
Please send a photo of each handler and team leader to
Please send a copy of the pedigree of each competing dog to

Non competing dogs
A non competing dog must be entered in advance on a special form.

Questions: Please contact