The greatest AWC ever!

Sweden and the Swedish Agility Club have now completed their first world championship in agility!

This would not have been possible without Paul Pettersson and Nalle Jansson, who worked really hard to bring the AWC to Sweden. We deeply appreciate this!

I also want to thank all 418 competitors and team leaders from 40 different countries who gave us an unforgettable championship. Also a big thanks to the Kristianstad municipality and the crew at Kristianstad Arena for amazing support and hospitality.

A huge thank you to the nine-person strong squad who planned and made this championship reality. The squad started their work two years ago and, by that time, consisted of some members of the former board of the Swedish Agility Club. This group of people laid the entire foundation of the AWC. The squad that eventually carried out the championship consisted of Ida Qvarnström, Mia Lundholm, Ulrika Pettersson, Joakim Persson, Håkan Ericson, Eva Persson, Charlotte Edberg, Ewa Lundin and myself.  

Last but not least we want to thank the 150 crew members and 20 volunteers who made a brilliant effort during this whole event. 

The one sad thing during our competition was the missing dog Leela, a member of the Colombian national team. She ran away from her owners during a walk on Wednesday. She is found but not captured when this is written. The Swedish Agility Club is working to get Leela back safely. We will not stop until she is back with her owners.

Thomas Juréhn

President of Svenska Agilityklubben & AWC project leader

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