The Judges

Nicolas Renaud

Nicolas RenaudFascinated of agility I began in 1995 with the Belgian shepherd Groenendael of the family. I practised a few years of competition, then at 16 years old , I had my first dog, a Tervueren.

After some time, I dashed into judge’s training to be named at the beginning of 2005. Since then, I had the pleasure to judge repeatedly the French championship, the international festival of Jersey as well as other big competitions in France and in Europe.

At all this time, the agility knew how to evolve and be transformed. It is a real sport today. The physical condition of the handler is as important as that of the dog, in particular in high competition. It is necessary being able to mix precision and speed in a race of 200m where everything takes place up to the last jump. The winner must know how to manage his stress and his technicality. Then my role is to propose courses which allow each to surpass themselves to show that it is best and so to win.

Today, I am 36 years old and I have the privilege to judge world championships in Sweden. It is a big pleasure for me and I will share it with everybody while offering the best of myself.

My keys : safety (of the dog and master), Passion and PLEASURE

I wish an Happy world championship 2018 to all.
To all the competitors, be the Best !
To all the supporters, be Fanatics !

Nicolas Renaud

Andreas Silfverberg

Andreas Silvferberg

My name is Andreas Silfverberg and I´m the Swedish judge for the World Championship in Kristianstad, 2018. I started my agility journey 2001 as a competitor with my first sheltie. Today I compete with my two shelties at high level in Sweden and also at big competitions in the northern part of Europe.

After a few years as a competitor an opportunity to educate myself as an agility judge turned up. I was active as an ice hockey judge at high level before starting with agility. 2008 my journey as an agility judge started. Since then I have judged many competitions in Sweden and also in 10 different countries world wide. It’s always interesting to visit new countries and get new experience and inspiration.

My courses are based on good cooperation between dog and handler. The course should contain a natural line for the dog with a challenging combination of technique and speed. A course should be challenging but not impossible for the team and exciting for an audience to watch.

My dream has always been to get the opportunity to judge the World Championship in agility. I feel very honored to have this trust and be able to do it in my home country is even more fun. I´m looking forward to this big event.

Phone: +46 73-4200462
Facebook: Andreas Silfverberg

Magne Alden

Magne AldenContact zone judge

My name is Magne Alden and I have a mission in life – the mission to make things better. I mean better courses, better judging, better handling and that by doing the best I can. 

I have been judging since year 2000, and still surprised and impressed by things I see. I see good handling, nice people and good dogs – or that is what I choose to see. I expect to see just that in the World Championship.

The dog for me is a herding dog – the Australian shepherd. So besides judging I do a lot of herding and actually own some sheep – Baaahhhh on you all.

Tommy Hagström

Tommy HagströmContact zone judge

My name is Tommy Hagström and I have been in the world of agility for a while. I started in 1994 to train and compete with my miniature schnauzer. Then a couple of Border Collies crossed my way.

I became judge in year 2000. And I still love it!

I was main judge at Swedish championship 2015 and also contact zone judge for two times, 2011 and 2012.

And of course I do a lot of judging around the beautiful country of Sweden.