Kristianstad Arena

The venue is a modern multi arena where you sit very close to the action. It takes 4700 spectators and the local handball team fills it a couple of times each month. In the venue there are two different restaurants and several other small stands where you could buy food and beverages. There is a huge and beautiful lobby and a lots of other areas which will be filled by selling stands during AWC.

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Arena overview

Arena overview


Area overview

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Commutes to the venue

You can travel by bus between the central station and the venue! Bus 3 Söder goes to the venue, the bus stop is called Arenan. It goes 2 times per hour both on weekdays and weekends. Travel time: 4 minutes.



  • Weekdays xx:18 and xx:48, every hour between 06-23.
  • Saturdays xx:22 and xx:52, every hour between 08-02.
  • Sundays xx:22 and xx:52, every hour between 07-23.